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Sustainable Art Collective


Lionize means to treat an object or person with importance.

Hi, I'm Leanne!

Using pressed flowers and botanicals,

I create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that bring the beauty of nature into your space. Let's connect and share the joy of sustainable art in Kingston, Ontario & beyond!


The Lionize Mission

To ensure we tread lightly on this Earth, Lionize ethically sources local flora, promotes responsible harvesting, and embraces the reuse of organic materials. We press and preserve each bloom with care and respect for the natural world. Through our core values, we hope to inspire artistic expression and foster a vibrant and mindful community.


Low Waste

Plant Based


Hand Made

Upcoming Markets



Wedding Bouquet Preservation


Garden Preservation


Refresh your Closet

You know what this is all about, its all the rage these days! Preserve your wedding bouquet for years to come, or buy it as a wedding gift for your friend.

Are you  plant nerd like me? and want to have a piece of your garden in you home all year long? 

Bring clothes you already own, fit you but maybe you don't wear anymore, and I will dye them to make you fall in love with the garment again.

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